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During the "gold era of belcanto", in the previous centuries, 
the soprano voice was not divided into "soprano" and "mezzo".
​The key to a broad range of rich, resonating, powerful voice, 
which in a fraction of a second hit the listener "from inside", 
is very rare nowadays and is named the old Italian belcanto singing school. 
It is based on body (bone) resonance,
its proper distribution (principle "voce alla croce").
​Elena Syssojeva finalized her vocal studies with the famous maestro JamesMcCray (student of the great Mario del Monaco).
Listening to recordings of Elena, you will immediately notice qualitative difference versus commonplace singing of nowadays.

Contact (artistic activities & teaching):

Contact Elena Syssojeva (secretariat)

elena syssojeva
soprano assoluto dramatico
genuine belancto voice teacher
choir conductor 
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